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Blade Runner 2049 Is Our Present Viewed From The Future

Films like these imagine a future based on the present around us now. Explicit attempts to flag the way society might go if we don't stop behaving in certain ways mingle with subconscious prejudice. By looking forward, what we really do is stare into our own souls.
16/10/2017 13:49 BST

The General Election Avoided The Issue That Matters Most

There are tough questions ahead and we've just had a national discussion that didn't discuss them. It would be nice if someone tried to find answers, because getting the next few months and years right is a big ask, and getting it wrong will be disastrous.
13/06/2017 13:11 BST

Letting Trump Visit Leaves Nowhere To Hide

He can't let his defeat in the popular vote sit, picking at the wound endlessly. Let him come, and show he's welcome but his views aren't. There'll be no hiding place when everywhere he looks he finds anger, disgust, and dislike. After all, there's nothing a bully hates more than to be made small while everyone watches on.
31/01/2017 11:59 GMT

Losing Friends, Holding On To Others

They were the people I spent a significant proportion of my week with, the people who, if only for a brief time, shared the same concerns. I listened when I was told to expect changes, and I heard but didn't really believe. When it's so easy to keep the conversation going, why would it ever stop?
02/01/2017 17:34 GMT

The US Election: Loss In A Liberal Heartland

Deep divisions have cracked open this country, deeper than many understood before. They know it at last. While one side celebrates, and everyone in the middle watches on uncertainly, the liberal heartlands grief for what could have been and what now is. Four years seems a lifetime away.
15/11/2016 11:43 GMT

Donald Trump Isn't The Only Barrier To Gender Equality

It's great a large number of people can find agreement opposing the disgusting views of Donald Trump and his ilk. What's much harder to change is the unthinking sexist paternalism that lingers deeply embedded under the surface. Inadvertently, at least in the reaction he provoked, Trump has shown us how far we still have to go.
17/10/2016 12:18 BST

Football Isn't Always Easy to Love

I don't want my national manager to last a mere 67 days because he's too greedy to say no to the prospect of cash on the side and too dumb to keep it hidden. Football, underneath all these many ominous clouds is a beautiful thing. I just wish this game wouldn't work so hard to test my affection.
03/10/2016 15:05 BST

Life Away From Home

This came to mind last week when someone set a fire alarm off in the building opposite and the fire brigade came out at 10pm. Aside from insects and birds, it's only the second time there's been noise past sunset since I departed London.
06/09/2016 16:26 BST

Few Countries Could Hope To Match Team GB In Rio - Let's Enjoy It

Only a small number of countries are big enough, rich enough, and obsessed enough with sport to have the luxury of losing count of medals over the course of any single day. As our team returns home victorious, it shouldn't be ignored or taken for granted. It's something to celebrate.
26/08/2016 14:25 BST