Stephen O' Regan

Co-founder of BalconyTV.Com - Music With A View

Stephen is the co-founder of BalconyTV.Com - Music With A View.

The site was founded in 2006 with the simple idea of filming bands and
musicians lo fi on an apartment balcony. BalconyTV is now produced in 21 cities around the world. Over 5000 shows have been produced, with over 22 million video views. Stephen has
personally filmed over 2000 shows.

The show features mostly up and coming artists, many of which have gone on to bigger and better things such as The Script, Mumford and Sons, Jessie J and many more.

Before BalconyTV, Stephen directed the award winning short film They're
Made Out of Meat
Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Icon?

I hope people can give it time, and allow Amy Winehouse to be judged on more honest terms. She deserves to be remembered as a great talent. But it could be too late for any honest judgement.
24/07/2011 15:53 BST
Music With a View - Josh

Music With a View - Josh Bray

Lets take a break away from all the Murdoch madness - introducing Josh Bray. Josh was inspired to start playing after discovering the legendary Nick Drake, which is as good excuse as any to make you pick up a guitar, so long as you don't let it get you too down.
20/07/2011 13:44 BST
Music From the Underground to the

Music From the Underground to the Overground

Five years ago I was sitting with my two friends in our apartment in Dublin City Centre. Unusually for Dublin the sun was shining bright. It was a very rare occasion for us to step out onto our balcony and catch some light (while it lasted). It's strange when an idea develops a life of its own.
14/07/2011 11:15 BST