Stuart Gale

Third generation pharmacist committed to delivering patient centric care.

Pharmacist Stuart Gale is Owner and Manager of the Frost Pharmacy Group, which comprises three pharmacies in Banbury and Oxford as well as the online dispensing arm of the business, Oxford Online Pharmacy ( Established in 1925 by John Frost, Stuart Gale’s grandfather, the business has continued to develop and grow, with Oxford Online Pharmacy now recognised as one of the UK’s leading online pharmacies, providing professional online doctor services. Gale began working for the family business from a young age, stacking shelves and washing out medicine bottles for his grandfather after school and at weekends. Historically, it was standard practice for pharmacists to make a lot of their own medicines and potions and Gale remembers his grandfather mixing up cough mixture (as late as 1985) and dye, which fashion conscious female customers would paint down their legs to look like stocking seams. Having graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from Manchester University, Gale took a position at a Boots in London, where he worked for three years. He then took on a role as pharmacist within the family business, gradually becoming more involved. The emergence of online pharmacies has evoked a major change in the world of dispensing pharmaceuticals - prescriptions can now be sent electronically and text messages and apps are used to remind patients to take their medication - and Gale is committed to ensuring Oxford Online Pharmacy is at the forefront of developments in online dispensing.

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