Susie Hawes

Journalist, Blogger, Stay At Home Mum.

I'm a former Broadcast Journalist and PR professional, now a Stay At Home Mum to an awesome toddler. Lover of sunshine, travel and food and drink. Blogging keeps me sane.
Friendships That Last The Test of

Friendships That Last The Test of time

It was lovely to see everyone, but I came away from it feeling sort of sad. We only had a couple of hours together. There were four couples and six kids between us. The amount of one on one chat time I got with my friends wasn't long enough.
15/02/2017 14:37 GMT
I Am No Longer Just A Mummy. I Am A

I Am No Longer Just A Mummy. I Am A Blogger

Yes I have learnt a wealth of things about website creation, website hosting, domains, SEO, readability, passive voice (the bane of my life!), blog promotion, social media, scheduling and the thing every blogger stresses about, the almighty DA. These are things I didn't even know about before I became a blogger.
12/01/2017 11:41 GMT