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Susie Weaver is a writer living in London with her husband and three children. She is the founder of So Happy In Town / S.H.I.T., a parenting and lifestyle blog which embraces the highs and lows of life with children, making you laugh at the funny stuff, and cry at the not so funny stuff. She previously worked in the City before becoming a primary teacher.
How About A Bit Of

How About A Bit Of Self-Love?

Excuse me? Love yourself? Are you crazy? Oh no, no, no, we're far too used to telling ourselves we're too tall, too small, too messy, too lazy, too tired, too fat, too grumpy, too rubbish at parenting, too busy making mistakes.
18/10/2017 11:02 BST
Why Can't We Let Our Kids Just

Why Can't We Let Our Kids Just Be?

So now that the summer holidays are upon us, is it time to leave the kids with some bubble wrap and a cardboard box, put the sprinkler on in the garden when the sun's out, throw a few Jaffa Cakes at the situation, and just let them be?
12/07/2017 14:05 BST
Let's Talk About Mental

Let's Talk About Mental Health

Nobody hesitates for one moment about telling people they suffer from hay fever. They would never fear that they might be then seen as a lesser person, or somebody who 'can't cope', or that they will be judged as a fruit loop because they have asthma or arthritis.
08/05/2017 14:28 BST
Are We Creating Generation Wimp By Overpraising Our

Are We Creating Generation Wimp By Overpraising Our Kids?

They will have no experience of failure because they're being told all the time that everything they do is astoundingly brilliant. So, when they really <em>do </em>do something great, do our words of praise have no effect because they're used to hearing it all the time?
20/04/2017 16:44 BST
Are We Stressing Our Kids

Are We Stressing Our Kids Out?

I'd love to float around in ethereal white robes with nothing but tranquil thoughts swishing around in the motherhead, even when shoes are being wedged up Build-A-Bear's bum. But that's just not reality.
27/02/2017 16:42 GMT
Children Are Meant To Be Happy, But Some Of Them

Children Are Meant To Be Happy, But Some Of Them Aren't

But what you don't know is that boy who just passed you on the escalator, he may look like any other teenager, shopping with his mates on a Saturday. But he harms himself in his room, when his parents think he is studying for his exams.
07/02/2017 15:18 GMT
Moana Would've Joined The Women's

Moana Would've Joined The Women's Marches

<em>Moana </em>is one of the many great kids' movies that have been released in recent months - a film about an adventurous young girl who sets out on a daring mission to save her people. As is customary these days, the animation is incredible, the script is sharp and funny and there are strong moral messages. But the main thing I came away with is that girl power is alive and well.
25/01/2017 17:30 GMT
Are Thank You Letters Still

Are Thank You Letters Still Important?

When I leave the children at the kitchen table, new Christmas notepaper and pens laid out, ready to go, I naively hope that I'll come back to a pile of beautifully written letters. But instead, I come back to bored, grumpy faces and doodles of Pokémon characters.
11/01/2017 17:18 GMT
Top Ten Tips To Survive The School Christmas

Top Ten Tips To Survive The School Christmas Frenzy

Inboxes are bursting at the seams with hundreds of 'urgent' emails about nativity plays, charity days, Christmas jumper days, carol concerts, kids' class parties, adults' class parties and teachers' presents.
30/11/2016 14:40 GMT
Makaton Signing And What It Did For

Makaton Signing And What It Did For Us

Makaton is a language programme which uses signing and symbols as a means of communication for those who cannot communicate through speech. The signs are used to support spoken language and are used in the same word order.
03/11/2016 11:51 GMT
A Letter To My

A Letter To My Daughter

Sadly though, there are still those men in the world who do not respect females. Those who are selfish and greedy and think they can take what they want without a second thought for the feelings and dignity of others.
21/10/2016 12:48 BST
The C9 Detox And What It Did For

The C9 Detox And What It Did For Me

These days the market is saturated with wonderful detox plans, promising to cleanse your body of all its sins. The options are endless - a liver cleanse, a juice cleanse, the 10-day green smoothie cleanse, a colon cleanse. Not sure the last one's for me but whatever floats your boat...
11/10/2016 13:19 BST
It's After School Clubs' Sign Up Day -

It's After School Clubs' Sign Up Day - Help!

That moment when you think you only have two minutes to get to school pick up and you're stuck in traffic an hour away, then you suddenly remember it's 'make ornaments out of your own bogies' club, is pure euphoria.
23/09/2016 10:15 BST
The Day Before School

The Day Before School Carnage

It read "Enjoy the last day of the hols!!" followed by an abundance of teen emojis including a smiley face, hand clapping, three glasses of red wine, three of white, three of beer, five of champagne, a thumbs up and that random angry red man with the goatee and pointy nose - not sure what he was in reference to.
12/09/2016 13:56 BST
My First Day At BIG

My First Day At BIG School

They both insist on walking me to the new place and Mummy starts wittering on about how I mustn't worry if I'm standing all on my own at playtime, feeling really sad and lonely. There's a school friendship bench I can sit on and someone might just come along and 'pick me up.' Jeez, this chat is reassuring.
01/09/2016 13:32 BST
Our iPad Nanny: Can We Live Without

Our iPad Nanny: Can We Live Without Him?

I quietly leave the room (neither of them had even noticed I was there anyway) and start to wonder about our nanny. Was it really such a good idea employing him in the first place? He's taken over our family. We all vie for his attention and have stopped taking notice of each other. I need to reclaim control.
22/08/2016 16:26 BST
Dear Control Freak

Dear Control Freak Mum

They're children. You're their mother. All they want is for you to relax. Your house is never going to look anything like the White Company catalogue and does it really matter? You're making everyone miserable, especially yourself.
08/08/2016 13:04 BST