Suzanne Peters

Blogger and writer about all things stylish for kids, as well as having a lot to say on most other topics. Generally, a big mouth.

Suzanne Peters is a self professed guru on all things stylish for kids - what they wear, where they go, what's in their rooms, what they read, eat - everything.

Writing for magazines and her own blog she has a lot to say.

About most things in fact. And does not hold back.

Suzanne also does kids styling for shoots, kids personal styling, as well as retail consultancy.
21 Ways You Know Your Kids Are Drama

21 Ways You Know Your Kids Are Drama Queens

There is one subject that my kids need to do no work for, no preparation, no homework - and they are still world experts. That subject is drama. Not in school, but in life. Are your kids the same? Here's my checklist...
03/06/2015 15:11 BST
Give us our

Give us our daily...NAG!

It's official. I have become a nag. Just like my mother before me, and probably hers before that, and it goes on and on and on to when Eve had a baby in the Garden of Eden, and became a nag. Because that's what you do when you become a mum.
10/03/2015 10:33 GMT
What's the Opposite of Earth

What's the Opposite of Earth Mother?

I don't remember much about the classes except I have hazy memories of very graphic birth flash cards, featuring very ugly, hairy-vagina'd mothers-to-be, often with baby heads crowning out of them. It was the stuff of nightmares.
27/02/2015 11:36 GMT