Suzi Ronson

Manager, music producer, consultant

Suzi Ronson has worked as a household manager, music producer, and consultant for a number of well-heeled individuals in New York City, the Hamptons, Florida and the British Virgin Islands.

She is a singer-songwriter who performs for friends, and a horse enthusiast. Currently, she lives in the West Village of New York City, while her daughter and the rest of her family live in London. She swears she’ll go back one day

David Bowie Took A Chance On Me And Changed My Life Forever

<img alt="life less ordinary banner" src="" width="300" height="35" /> The first time I actually saw David, he's walking down Beckenham High Street in a dress, and he's with this girl who had these skinny black pants on. I met the girl - Mrs Jones brought her into the salon. It turned out it was Angie, David's wife. Well, I liked her immediately. She was so cool and confident, and she looked so great - she certainly didn't shop in Beckenham. She talked to me a little bit about her life. She did lights for David's shows, and they would hang out all night in London at the clubs and just have the best time. It all sounded so glamorous.
12/09/2017 16:33 BST