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Svein Erik Scheie

Norwegian Entrepreneur and Self-help and Personal Development Coach.

Svein Erik Scheie was born and lives on a farm in southern Norway. He has been an entrepreneur all his adult life, starting and growing several international businesses in different fields, from retail to high-tech. Ever since stumbling upon a few self-development books when he was eighteen, he has been a keen student of the subject. All his research for the past thirty years, as well as his own trials and successes, led him to develop a highly effective process that allowed him to make the greatest discovery of his life: how to become happy. Together with his daughter, Svein Erik is starting to offers workshops and lectures worldwide based on the teachings of his book with his life’s mission to help as many people as possible become #NOTPOISONED.

Losing My Older Brother To Cancer

The seven years were mixed with good news and bad news. Cancer gone, cancer reappearing. At the same time, and I suspect to have a semblance of normality, my brother decided to pursue his studies and become a medical doctor. Equally and perhaps with a sense of urgency he also married and celebrated the arrival of a son soon afterwards, when he was only twenty-one.
14/12/2016 15:22 GMT