Tai Ibitoye

Master of Science in Human Nutrition, Nutritionist, Researcher & Public Health Advocate

Since graduating with a Master degree in Human Nutrition at the University of Surrey, Tai has become an avid advocate for good nutrition with experience working in various settings from acute to community. She has been involved in projects focusing on the nutritional status of older adults in the UK and in the implementation of interventions to help improve the nutritional and health status of individuals within local and neighbouring community.
National Cholesterol Month

National Cholesterol Month 2017

Having high cholesterol has been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Thus keeping your cholesterol in check is imperative and implementing healthy practices, like eating a healthy balanced diet and being physically active can help prevent a high cholesterol level.
03/10/2017 09:58 BST
How To Maintain Your Weight On

How To Maintain Your Weight On Holiday

The summer holiday season is upon us and many are planning to go on vacation with family and friends to experience life in another country for a couple of weeks. During the summer holidays, comfortable resorts, warm waters and white, sandy beaches will surely be enjoyed.
19/07/2017 14:19 BST
Nutrition During Your Fasting

Nutrition During Your Fasting Season

During the fasting season, it may be hard to ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain its bodily function. Thus, taking a multivitamin supplement can help provide you with essential vitamins and minerals that you may be missing from not eating regular whole foods. Furthermore, taking multivitamins may also help to increase your energy levels too.
05/06/2017 11:32 BST
Is Your Diet The Reason For Low Iron

Is Your Diet The Reason For Low Iron Levels?

Dietary iron is crucial to avoid fatigue, weakness and even iron deficiency anaemia. In some cases, individuals may not take in adequate amounts of iron from their diet and may resort to iron supplements.
20/02/2017 15:07 GMT
The Numerical Side of Health: Healthy Numbers To

The Numerical Side of Health: Healthy Numbers To Know

It is sometimes quoted that numbers make the world go round. Every day we encounter numbers, whether it is dialling a telephone number or telling someone yours, knowing the number of the bus to get to your workplace, entering your PIN number in an ATM or counting how much change you have to buy a pint of milk. However, when it comes to your health, do you know your numbers?
17/01/2017 16:58 GMT
Do Probiotics Have The Potential To Prevent Or Treat

Do Probiotics Have The Potential To Prevent Or Treat Colds?

As the UK weather sees a major drop in temperature, the chance of individuals catching a cold or flu increases. People are urged to get the flu vaccination at their local GP surgery or local pharmacy to keep the winter virus at bay
16/11/2016 16:17 GMT