Tam Hussein

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Investigative journalist and writer.
Richard Wright: The Father of America's

Richard Wright: The Father of America's Underbelly

Richard Wright died on 28 November 1960. The Afro-American writer paved the way for future writers like James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison and Toni Morrison and prepared the ground for the civil rights movement. Both his memoirs Black Boy and Native Son were instant bestsellers and changed the literary scene in the US over night.
29/11/2012 12:04 GMT
Gulf States: The End is

Gulf States: The End is Nigh

Moral bankruptcy, the un-sustainability of their wealth distribution model and the social media revolution sweeping through the Gulf suggest that nothing will avert the tide of change enveloping these princedoms.
26/11/2012 16:01 GMT
Is it Because We're

Is it Because We're Black?

The decision to extradite Talha Ahsan and keep McKinnon is bad for all of us. It undermines the values that the majority of British citizens hold dear and will damage the trust that many British ethnic minorities feel towards their country.
26/10/2012 10:37 BST
Pen Pinter Prize: Samar

Pen Pinter Prize: Samar Yazbak

This week Syrian writer and journalist Samar Yazbak was awarded the Pen Pinter prize jointly with Carol Ann Duffy. Ms. Yazbak was recognized for her courage in opposing the Syrian regime in her book, a woman in the crossfire.
12/10/2012 11:59 BST