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Tam Varcoe

Living vicariously through myself

Twenty-something burrito enthusiast who is attempting to write things and do stuff. Can also be found writing things in some other places, but I'm not telling.

I Think We Need Trashy News

People moaning about trash news really bores me. We need it. Yeah, I said it. Journalism needs it too. I'm also convinced that a lot of you people that moan about it secretly love it, especially that particular kind of prick that pretends not to know who anyone in <em>Made In Chelsea</em> is. You know who they are, I know you know, you know you know, just admit it
10/08/2016 17:35 BST

Some Helpful Advice for Freshers

Good luck with your inevitable career as a telesales exec working for a boss who takes the piss out of you on a daily basis for going to uni and lectures you on how he's so successful after graduating from the 'university of life'. It probably won't make you want to die.
23/09/2015 11:32 BST

What to Do About Animal Cruelty: A Modest Proposal

There's a lot of anti-hunting sentiment out there in the ether right now. I say hunting is fine, but let's just change up the rules a bit. If you want to kill a lion then go ahead - but no weapons, yeah? You've got to use your bare hands. Let's level the playing field - mano a animalo.
04/08/2015 16:38 BST

Straight to University at 18? Perhaps Think Twice

Perhaps we should take note of those crazy, beautiful Scandinavian lefties up there and just let young people be young and a bit useless for a while. I think it could benefit the general emotional and psychological well-being of young people today. It might even make them a little more rounded, focused, relaxed and hopefully, happier.
26/07/2015 21:02 BST