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Tanya Barron

Tanya Barron, OBE, is CEO of global children's charity Plan International UK

Tanya Barron, OBE, is CEO of global children's charity Plan International UK

The Stigma Around Periods Has To End

The thing about a taboo is that until someone opens it up for conversation or debate it can stay like an elephant in the room - a big issue everyone is aware of but avoids discussing or acknowledging. Once people start talking, however, taboos that have stood for decades and centuries can be quickly dismantled.
11/10/2017 07:52 BST

A Period Emoji Would Help Normalise Menstruation

When you can find an emoji for pretzels and pianos, why not for periods? I'm fairly sure the average British woman has more periods than she does pretzels. Meanwhile, there are four different emojis for bicycles - but not a single one for something that happens to half of us, every month, for a huge portion of our life.
26/05/2017 12:18 BST

Nepal Earthquakes: Two Years On

Experiencing the earthquake first-hand and seeing people lose their livelihoods and homes was heart-breaking, but with the amazing support of the British public, families in Nepal are starting to get their lives back on track.
24/04/2017 13:24 BST

Caught Up In Conflict, Children With Disabilities Must Be Helped

And today, as conflicts and crises rage around the world, it's disabled children in affected areas who are among those most at risk. Often the first to be left behind and the last to have their needs met in chaotic emergency situations, children with disabilities face unprecedented adversity in conflicts.
04/12/2016 17:08 GMT

Our Duty To Children Must Not Be Forgotten

In the wake of several political shockwaves and amid ongoing global crises, it can feel that the world faces a future more uncertain than ever before. But as we chart a course through these turbulent times, there are some things that remain certain, and which we can all agree on.
22/11/2016 12:02 GMT

This International Day Of The Girl, Let's Look Past Statistics

Often we speak of 'children' with no one child in mind. Statistics reduce them to no more than data to be used in policymaking, academic discussion or press statements. But, of course, every child has a unique experience, and while 'big data' is important for understanding trends and patterns, we mustn't forget the need to take the time to understand children's lives in more depth.
11/10/2016 16:23 BST

For Refugee Children, Education Cannot Wait

Education is essential to protecting children on the move. It improves girls and boys wellbeing, and ensures they have the skills and knowledge needed to help rebuild their societies after conflict. Education truly cannot wait, and we need action for all children out of school. This week, the world has that chance. Let's make sure we take it.
19/09/2016 17:37 BST

Is the UK Failing Its Girls?

Girls' lives in the UK are full of barriers, and until we remove them, these amazing women will remain the exception that proves the longstanding rule. The UK is failing girls. Every day, they face harassment in schools. They don't feel safe online. And they're scared walking home on the street.
13/09/2016 17:15 BST

Young People Aren't the 'Leaders of Tomorrow': They're More Than That

At Plan, we've supported young people who have intervened to stop child marriages in Bangladesh, youth activists who have helped raise the legal age of marriage in Malawi, and in Pakistan, young campaigners successfully making sure that their provincial governments deliver on a promise of free and compulsory education.
19/06/2015 21:33 BST

The Perilous Road to Kathmandu

Today we need to head into Kathmandu and towards the epicentre. Colleagues have children they need to see. And we need to be close to the epicentre to help manage our response. The reports coming in from rural districts around the epicentre are alarming. Our staff are telling us that many, many buildings have collapsed. Homes, schools, hospitals. The hope is that since the earthquake struck on Saturday lunchtime, casualties will be minimised as fewer people would have been in public buildings.
27/04/2015 17:35 BST

This Nobel Prize Is an Award for Youth

Today, history is made. Malala Yousafzai becomes the youngest ever recipient of the <a href="" target="_hplink">Nobel Peace Prize</a>, standing shoulder to shoulder with illustrious Laureates past Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi and Mother Theresa.
10/12/2014 14:47 GMT