Tazz Moosa

Marketing & Communication Specialist

While some might term her constant pursuit of knowledge as being a ‘career’ student, Tazz Moosa’s passion to ‘know a lot’ has led her to the realisation that she loves to learn. She has qualifications in a range of disciplines including legal, business admin and marketing and communication, and she has been employed in the private sector for more than 10 years. She sums up her passion quite simply, ‘Once all is said and done, I am a reader and a writer at heart.’ This realisation along with her experience led to her abandoning a promising corporate career to freelance, focus on her blog and lifestyle portal, the digital incubator, and be a mom to her five sons. Together with her husband Abdul who is visually impaired, she has founded the blind taste video blog series which centres on Abdul’s adventures doing everyday things like driving, playing golf and cooking. Her quirky, slightly self-mocking style of writing is directly reflective of her sarcastic self.

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