Terry Ally

Communications Specialist with an interest in the environment, humanitarian affairs and religion

Terry Ally is an award-winning investigative environmental journalist who has covered numerous emergencies and disasters.

A Caribbean journalist, Terry, has received numerous national and Caribbean-wide awards for his reporting on the environment. These include the Pan American Health Organisation's Excellence in Health Journalism award as well as the Barbados Governor-General's Award for the Environment which was conferred by two consecutive Governors General. He’s also won a Reuters Foundation Fellowship in Environmental News Reporting at Green College, Oxford. Through his investigative environmental reporting, food laws in Barbados were changed to protect consumers. His work also led to the environment being placed firmly on the national agenda.

He has worked in radio, newspaper, magazine, wire service and online journalism covering events throughout the English speaking Caribbean. Terry was also the Public Information Manager for the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency covering 16 Caribbean countries, as UNICEF UK's Senior Media Officer for International Programmes and Emergencies and Plan International's Global Press Officer for Emergencies and Disasters. He is now the Press Officer for the Evangelical Alliance UK.

The views expressed in his blogs are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of the organisation he works for or worked for.