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Teya Foley

Writer of all things womanhood, empowerment and self-love.

Têya is a Melbourne based mother-of-two and a blogger with a passion for all things womanhood, sisterhood and self-love. Teya created to empower and connect women by sharing their voices and stories, and exploring the issues many of us face but don’t talk about.

Why I Would Have Taken The Test For Predicting Miscarriage

So, would I take this test? Honestly, unless the test was really affordable I probably wouldn't have for my first two pregnancies, as at that time I had no reason to expect anything other than healthy pregnancies. However, after suffering our miscarriage, I absolutely would have had this test for my third pregnancy
06/11/2017 17:38 GMT

Finding Gratitude Within My Miscarriage

October is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, so I thought I'd open up about my miscarriage, with a focus on the things that helped me survive it. First of all, let me clarify the title, I am not grateful for my miscarriage, however, I was able to find points of gratitude within it. Let me explain my story...
12/10/2017 17:56 BST