Theo Clarke


Theo Clarke is Chief Executive of The Coalition for Global Prosperity. She also sits on the Boards of Conservative Friends of International Development and Africa House London and was a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate at the 2017 and 2015 General Elections.

Global Entrepreneurship Week: How Startups Can Disrupt Industries

In the last fifteen years the world has been irreversibly changed by technology. People do jobs today that did not even exist when they were at school. You can now be a social media manager, a specialist on search engine optimisation or a sales executive for online advertising.
24/11/2015 11:00 GMT

Across Borders: Gustavo Aceves Exhibits Monumental Horses

Monumental horses have taken up residence in Berlin in front of the Brandenberg Gate. Mexican artist Gustavo Aceves continues to tour Europe with his unique travelling exhibition 'Lapidarium'. The open-air show is another successful example of public art in the open air.
26/05/2015 17:32 BST

Gallery Elena Shchukina to Headline Russian Art Week in London

This November marks the first official collaboration between Gallery Elena Shchukina and Russian Art Week. Both of her galleries are currently showing exhibitions of Russian art, times to coincide with the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014 which will feature as Russian Art Week's headline exhibitions.
21/11/2014 18:33 GMT

Winter Olympics in Sochi Deter International Visitors

With an average temperature of 10 degrees in February, Sochi as the host of the Winter Games is an odd choice. It is a Black Sea resort normally favoured as a holiday destination by Russians seeking warmer climes.
03/02/2014 16:06 GMT

Maslenitsa Festival Opens in London with Russian Photography Exhibition

London's City Hall will play host over the next two weeks to a selection of surprising and unexpected views of Russian architectural landscapes. 'Abstraction/Constructivism: British and Russian Responses to the City' documents urban life from both British and Russian perspectives.
15/03/2013 13:36 GMT

Russian Art Week Launched in London this November

On Thursday Russian Art Week will open in London. This is a major new event in the arts calendar in the United Kingdom. The project was set up by the online magazine <a href="" target="_hplink">Russian Art & Culture</a> in conjunction with the major auction houses and galleries.
22/11/2012 13:01 GMT

Preview: Russian Art Week in London, May 2012

This weekend marks the start of Russian art week in London. Despite the double-dip recession in the UK the Russian market has remained buoyant. Most of the major auction houses are hosting sales of Russian paintings, icons, Fabergé and works of art.
28/05/2012 08:50 BST

Public Art: A Good Investment or a Waste of Taxpayers' Money?

The Orbit is a case in point. Having seen it last week I can assure you it looks even worse than the photographs. It is an uninspiring piece of scaffolding which has no links to its environment and says nothing about the surrounding area or community.
18/05/2012 22:14 BST

Mr Chancellor, Hands Off Our Charitable Donations...

Charities cannot exist without the support of philanthropists and their generous donations. To penalise charities at a time when many cultural organisations are facing cutbacks and a funding squeeze in tough economic times is madness.
15/04/2012 22:55 BST

UK Riots: Tackle Civil Disorder by Reducing Youth Unemployment

Images of burning buildings and shops stripped of their merchandise provided news broadcasters with a stream of disturbing images over the summer. The footage of the Reeves furniture store on fire in Croydon being razed to the ground will remain a defining image of the August riots.
08/12/2011 13:01 GMT

Give our Generation a Say on Europe

This referendum would be a chance to restore UK democracy. Laws in the UK should be ones that we want, not ones imposed on us from across the Channel. If the outcome of today's debate is to hold a referendum on the EU then I hope that David Cameron will support it.
24/10/2011 00:07 BST