Thomas Hauschildt

MA Student at SOAS and Commentator on Conflict issues.

Thomas earned his BA in International Relations from the University of Portsmouth and is currently studying for his MA in Dispute and Conflict Resolution at the School of Law, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

His interest lies in the field of conflict, especially their causes, prevention and resolution as well as restorative and retributive approaches to justice.

In the past Thomas worked in the financial services industry, the German Navy and for NATO. In addition, Thomas volunteered for the British Red Cross and interned with NGOs and charities working in the field of conflict resolution and development.

Thomas is founder of the blog Conflict and Security.
Somalia: Rising from the

Somalia: Rising from the Ashes

The freeing of Mogadishu was a turning point and might not only make Mogadishu a more peaceful place, but also set Somalia on the right path to stability - an opportunity it had not seen for at least twenty years.
28/02/2013 12:15 GMT