Tiernan Douieb

Beverage heretic. Nighttime maverick. Action calligrapher. Comedian. Loser.

Comedian, writer and occasional mixer of herbal tea bags, in the last year Tiernan has embarked on a more political brand of comedy. His solo Edinburgh show in 2011 'Tiernan Douieb vs The World' (which you can watch here: http://bit.ly/yxdzhA) received rave reviews and he has spent the last year gigging at various marches & demos including the Occupy LSX camp, the TUC March and Westminster Bridge for the Save The NHS protest.
Why You Should Pick Up The Phone And Persuade Your Grandfolks To Vote

Why You Should Pick Up The Phone And Persuade Your Grandfolks To Vote Labour

A lot of pensioners will vote Tory, many just out of habit. That's why we need to talk to our grandparents about what another five years of the Tories would do to us, as well as them. According to the experts, Labour has a huge lead with people under 50, while the Conservatives are wooing the over 50s and even more so the over 60s. It seems fairly obvious why this is.
06/06/2017 16:29 BST
If Anything These Impoverished MPs Just Don't Earn

If Anything These Impoverished MPs Just Don't Earn Enough

You have to feel sorry for MPs don't you? I mean there they are, struggling away on their £66,000 salaries, barely able to make ends meet, constantly working for our country while 'scroungers' and 'shirkers' just sit around watching the world waste away at their nine-to-five, or even longer day jobs.
02/07/2013 17:26 BST
Iain Duncan Smith, In An Ideal

Iain Duncan Smith, In An Ideal World...

As his lips curled around the stained mug and the hot mud water reached his throat, he wished for the umpteenth time that he had never said that he could easily live on £53 a week. Iain did not know exactly how many times he'd wished this. He just knew it was more than he'd had non-tea or abuse bricks thrown through the window.
02/04/2013 12:28 BST
My Partly Political

My Partly Political Broadcast

Partly Political Broadcast is a new, hopefully weekly project between me and excellent filmmaker Ben Hilton. It's a short of burst of comedy, with pointed views about the week's goings ons, which we decided we should do because, well, no one else was.
16/02/2013 21:40 GMT
The Party for People Who Hate

The Party for People Who Hate People

Changing their slogan to 'The Party for People Who Hate People Who Aren't Their Friends' they are hoping this new 'honest' face will increase votes in 2015. Or at least kill off anyone who might vote against them.
03/01/2013 17:35 GMT
A Guide to the John Lewis Christmassacre

A Guide to the John Lewis Christmassacre Advert

It's nice to see though that this year, they have gone all out to subvert Christmas ideas and instead make a small horror film about creepy, possessed snow people just to make sure we choose their stores to hide in should the snowpocalypse happen. Here is my step by step guide to this wintery fright fest...
12/11/2012 15:01 GMT
Romney's No Laughing

Romney's No Laughing Matter

I could write pages and pages on Romney but it's there for you to find on the internet. It's not hidden away. He's a clear and present danger.
05/11/2012 12:32 GMT
Boo to George

Boo to George Osbooooooorne!

I won't lie. I was starting to give up on humanity. I was feeling generally miserable about recent reports of record amounts of melting ice in the Arctic, Mitt Romney's eternally moronic campaign in the US and our current situation of ever rising economic destruction and damning of human rights by the Coalition.
04/09/2012 12:28 BST
The Long Lost Golden Era Of

The Long Lost Golden Era Of Comedy

Aside from getting confused about how anyone can listen to more than three dubstep tracks in a row without feeling like they need a shit, I am wary of criticising anything or pretending that it was much better in my day.
23/08/2012 16:45 BST
The Government Are Gold™ Medal™ Winning

The Government Are Gold™ Medal™ Winning Spoilsports

What I can see is that this 'golden summer' that Cameron keeps calling it, will quickly become a 'golden era' that we look back on as a fabled time, while the legacy of this government ensures it doesn't happen again for quite some time.
09/08/2012 11:07 BST
George Gideon Osborne: Profile of a World Class Debt

George Gideon Osborne: Profile of a World Class Debt Increaser

In the early moments of this morning it all became clear that we had a champion at the helm. After months and months of worry, indications that he may not carry it off, and general concern that after everything he's done, everything he's put himself and the country though, that we might not make it.
26/07/2012 09:58 BST
Don't Forget It's Your

Don't Forget It's Your Olympics™

Dear <strike>Londoners™</strike> the UK, Your Olympics™ start in just a few days and we hope that you're excited! They are your Olympics™ that have cost you <strike>£2.5bn</strike><strike>£9bn</strike> <strike>£11.7bn</strike> possibly <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2092077/London-2012-Olympics-cost-spiral-24bn--10-TIMES-higher-2005-estimate.html" target="_hplink">£24bn of your money</a>, that's 38p per household, that you really need in these times of austerity but <strike>were forced</strike> have chosen to spend on what is sure to be the best Olympics™ ever ever.
16/07/2012 14:55 BST
Workers and

Workers and Shirkers

According to Cameron the Tories back those workers while Labour are busy backing the shirkers. If that's really true then based on definitions and the PM's logic, Milliband is backing the Conservative Party and Cameron is far more Red than Ed for supporting the labourers. These are the people running the country remember?
11/07/2012 16:37 BST
Was Unpaid Jubilee Work Experience Good for the

Was Unpaid Jubilee Work Experience Good for the Soul?

How have we become a nation that presumes doing 'work experience' alongside the river Thames in the pouring rain for an event that happens once in a blue blooded moon will in any way lead to a valuable career?
08/06/2012 11:16 BST
Conservatives Say the Funniest

Conservatives Say the Funniest Things

People are bonkers. I know this. I witness it on a daily basis and have learnt in recent years that 'normal' is not something that happens in humanity.
31/05/2012 11:20 BST
Why the Public Sector are Right to

Why the Public Sector are Right to Strike

The public sector, in my opinion is the most important of all the job areas in the UK, for they are the people employed to maintain some sense of order and safety amongst all us everyday loons who fart about on a daily basis landing ourselves in all sorts of mishaps.
11/05/2012 10:24 BST
I Vote for

I Vote for Voting

By the time this blog is online, the UK will be in the midst of a very important day of voting.
03/05/2012 10:43 BST