Tilly Wikeley

Writer, working in comms, spreadsheet keeno

Hello, I'm Tilly, a thirty-something individual with a love for writing, healthy living, running, house-renovating and mothering. I love getting to the heart of what makes a person tick and my blog www.thegrassisgreen.org features interviews with inspiring people, as well as tips and articles on tasty, happy and solvent living.
Seven Top Tips for Renovating A

Seven Top Tips for Renovating A Property

Having made cosmetic changes to our first flat and embarked on major renovation of our first house, people often ask me what are the key things I've learnt from the experience. We've learnt some the hard way and I know I'd definitely do things differently next time...so here are my top tips for getting the best out of any house project you take on.
26/01/2015 16:16 GMT