Tim Arnold

Music Making Artist and Agitator

Original singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, film-maker and social activist – Tim Arnold is a maverick artist whose work stretches the boundaries of the imagination and defies genre and category. In recognition of Tim’s constant change of musical direction, Iggy Pop noted in an interview how Tim’s music reminded him of David Bowie. In the UK, Tim is widely recognized as the first artist to write and release a concept album about London’s famous Soho district, 2015’s The Soho Hobo. Together with Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Fry, Tim also led the Save Soho movement – a lobbying group devoted to inclusivity, diversity and advancing the future of performing arts venues in London’s Soho. Tim is constantly in creative mode – writing, recording or releasing another album or project – each light years apart from its predecessor and without ever repeating himself. Inspiration hard-won through personal experience, and graced with an extraordinary gift of creative expression.