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Tim Arnold

Music Making Artist and Agitator

Original singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, film-maker and social activist – Tim Arnold is a maverick artist whose work stretches the boundaries of the imagination and defies genre and category. In recognition of Tim’s constant change of musical direction, Iggy Pop noted in an interview how Tim’s music reminded him of David Bowie. In the UK, Tim is widely recognized as the first artist to write and release a concept album about London’s famous Soho district, 2015’s The Soho Hobo. Together with Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Fry, Tim also led the Save Soho movement – a lobbying group devoted to inclusivity, diversity and advancing the future of performing arts venues in London’s Soho. Tim is constantly in creative mode – writing, recording or releasing another album or project – each light years apart from its predecessor and without ever repeating himself. Inspiration hard-won through personal experience, and graced with an extraordinary gift of creative expression.
Bernie Katz - My Soho

Bernie Katz - My Soho Hero

His naughtiness was part Carry On, part Kray, part Pantomime dame and always classic raconteur. He shone bright and now a great light has gone out.  I already missed Bernie after he left The Groucho. Whilst Soho's heart would appear to be temporarily lost, it hurts that with Bernie, it is a cast iron goodbye that I and many others will be coming to terms with for a long time.
01/09/2017 15:32 BST
Long Live The Lights Of

Long Live The Lights Of Soho

We love change.  And Soho has always changed.  But it has changed because of the diversity of income groups all rubbing along together at once.  And of course we already have one Mayfair.  No one needs another one in the centre of London.
09/02/2017 11:52 GMT
John Lennon: We Are The

John Lennon: We Are The Government

From Gandhi to JFK and Martin Luther King, great men who stood up for our rights as human beings were all assassinated. Today, Jeremy Corbyn is assassinated on a daily basis. It may be the media that has taken the role of the rifle, but it is us that have the power to pull the trigger, or put the weapon down.
03/02/2017 11:25 GMT
He For She: The Women's

He For She: The Women's March

Some men can sometimes feel intimidated by groups of women coming together and expressing themselves perfectly to the rest of the world with total independence. This male insecurity has to be addressed and stopped. It is counter productive.
22/01/2017 17:35 GMT
Stop Selling Our Hearts 4

Stop Selling Our Hearts 4 Meat

Caitlin Moran's article came out and it struck a chord. And then I got my guitar and struck a few more. I realised that because of the day to day work I do on <strong>Save Soho</strong>, I hadn't actually made any music for months. But out it came. Like a storm that had been brewing in the back of my mind for months.
30/03/2015 12:30 BST
The Soho Hobo Calling

The Soho Hobo Calling BoJo

Next door from me is a blue plaque remembering the tenancy of one Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Soho's enduring attraction as a global destination has always depended on building around and adding to what has gone before. Not by removing it. Not by demolishing it.
03/12/2014 20:32 GMT
My Tribute to Soho's Bespoke Tailors With Phil Daniels (Song and

My Tribute to Soho's Bespoke Tailors With Phil Daniels (Song and Video)

These cats are hardcore stylists, but their roots are, like all the best tailors, in Savile Row. The difference is that they've all become rock stars by moving their trade to Soho. And it's right that Soho is the place where they have made their mark, because Soho is the world that encourages 'preservation of the individual'.
19/06/2013 23:23 BST
Gary Kemp, Jessie Wallace, The Soho Hobo and a Love for

Gary Kemp, Jessie Wallace, The Soho Hobo and a Love for London

I am the Soho Hobo, I was born to spin a hustle, it took time to find my mojo, but I found it on the Dean St shuffle. No I can't stop this excursion, it's in my family roots. My granddaddy filled the Revue Deville, my mother was a teenage nude.
19/09/2012 10:02 BST