Tim Burgess

Solo performer, lead singer with The Charlatans and author

From Here To Tim Book Two, It's Not So Far Away

Tim Book Two is about record shops, vinyl and the joy of sharing your favourite albums with your favourite people - kind of like what happens every day but I wanted to ask some people that everyone might know.
23/08/2016 16:53 BST

Record Store Day Isn't for Everyone, But It Is for Me and Lots of People Like Me

Yes, I'm an ambassador for Record Store Day (that's even official). Yes, I have a single out on Record Store Day. Yes, my label is releasing a long lost track of <em>Dub Sex</em> (recorded by the legendary Martin Hannett, available in participating outlets). Yes, I have a list of records that are out that day that I'd like for my own collection. But does this make me biased? Yes, of course it does but it doesn't mean I can't have my say. I've heard the grumbles about there being too many releases, even conspiracy theories about major labels clogging up the schedules of pressing plants so that small labels can't get their stock in time. But, for me, these are good problems to have.
18/04/2014 22:55 BST

Back on the Road Again: A Tour Diary

Heading off to play a series of gigs is a little like coming out of hibernation - it's a different way of life. The van is the mothership and the gigs are like the bits in <em>Star Trek</em> when they beam down to a new planet for a bit - without us losing the bloke who you've never seen before. There's the fun of looking up some record shops and old friends who've moved to the places we're visiting - I used to spend time with Anton Newcombe from The Brian Jonestown Massacre when I was living in LA, he's lived in Berlin for a few years and has offered to be out tour guide while we're there.
23/05/2013 18:00 BST

How Twitter Made Tim Peaks a Surreal Reality

DJ Yoda, Maximo Park, James and the Inspiral Carpets stopped by for a cuppa. We said we'd close at 10pm each night but things were still swinging at 3am the next morning. Nick Heyward was a revelation - we only knew him from Twitter - and he brought about an amazing singalong that 250 people crammed into a log cabin will never forget.
15/11/2012 17:53 GMT

My Tour Diary

Tours are about two things really - music and people. Music on stage, in the van, at services. Everywhere. And the people - in the band, working at the venues and coming to the gigs.
19/10/2012 16:18 BST