Tim Snaith

Tim Snaith, private client partner at Winckworth Sherwood, is one of eprivateclient’s Top 35 Under 35 outstanding practitioners.

Tim Snaith is Partner in Winckworth Sherwood’s Private Client team, regularly advising on trusts, estates and succession planning (including the many tax issues that arise with the same, along with the problems presented by the loss of mental capacity). Tim was recently named as one of the UK's top 35 private client lawyers under the age of 35.

With a diverse client base including individuals, trustees, beneficiaries and executors, his clients are both UK-based and those with connections abroad. Tim often works alongside other professionals of other disciplines such as accountants, investment managers and independent financial advisers.

He has particular expertise in setting up philanthropic and charitable structures.

Tim also advises on contentious probate work, including disputes over wills and trusts, and Inheritance Act claims.
Of All Things Digital, Wills Are Still A Long Way

Of All Things Digital, Wills Are Still A Long Way Off...

It all comes down to a balance in the end. I am all for there being a more accessible way in which a will can be completed and for a pragmatic approach to handling errors. That being said, when flexibility is added vulnerability always appears and the risks must be managed.
09/11/2017 14:51 GMT
The Death Taboo: What's Your Digital

The Death Taboo: What's Your Digital Legacy?

Naturally, some of this data is extremely personal or valuable to us (like photos, contacts, emails and documents). However, unlike the processes that come into effect for our physical assets when we die, the processes and laws surrounding electronic data are much less developed.
14/05/2017 15:27 BST
Co-Habitation - So You've Bought The House, What

Co-Habitation - So You've Bought The House, What Now?

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They live apart, spending their time between each other's flat, constantly packing and unpacking a bag. Eventually, they become tired of moving between flats and decide that it is time to move in together and perhaps even buy a flat...
17/01/2017 16:57 GMT
The Death Taboo - What's Your Digital

The Death Taboo - What's Your Digital Legacy?

I say less developed and that is perhaps unfair. What is less developed are the policies those website companies adopt on death and the publicity surrounding the subject of how my data will be handled when the day comes.
28/09/2016 17:15 BST