Tobi Olujinmi

Attorney at Law, International Public Speaker, Founder of WTALK

W Talk is a 25 minute weekly show will feature a mix of guests from both sides of the Atlantic and will give a platform to questions and opinions from all walks of life. Appealing to the 18-35 year old superwomen, the show promises to deliver high quality content that focusses on careers and business; relationships and beauty along with current affairs and pop culture.

Tobi Olujinmi is an Attorney at Law and the creator of W Talk, a digital entertainment platform for women that focuses on careers, relationship and lifestyle. Tobi is also the host of W Talk's flagship show, W Talk Show (
Are Female Leaders Assessed

Are Female Leaders Assessed Differently?

"Who runs the World - Girls?" Did Beyoncé predict this? Is this the answer to every gender equality prayer? The tide appears to be changing for women. Are we heading for a renaissance where women will no longer be required to address questions on womanhood prior to being assessed on merit? Perhaps, the type of women we are, speaks to the type of leaders we will be. The problem however, is the yardstick used to assess womanhood.
19/07/2016 11:02 BST
The Invisible Line of Perfection for

The Invisible Line of Perfection for Women

After my awkward London underground moment, I picked up my tote bag, stepped off the train and actually felt more confident than before. Yes, I have a lovely bag and yes, my bag was (is) partly filled with junk. That's life, I'm evolving, ever-changing and on my own individual process of perfection; whatever that is.
14/08/2015 10:26 BST
My International Women's Day Wish List for all

My International Women's Day Wish List for all Women

My first item would be that post International Women's Day we celebrate our differences, whether you are a homemaker or a CEO, that both in turn are celebrated; with neither one being coined or portrayed as less than.
10/03/2015 00:46 GMT
The Age Race - Be Fabulous at Any

The Age Race - Be Fabulous at Any Age

The idea of getting older and entering a whole new decade can be daunting when the focus is on attempting to adhere to social standards determined by age. However, when we do away with the sets of lists and various expectations, which are age dependent, we are able to embrace where we are and look forward to where we are going.
07/11/2014 12:50 GMT
Career vs. Family Debate - Can Women Have It

Career vs. Family Debate - Can Women Have It All?

The question is littered with assumptions; one of them being that in order to have a thriving career, your personal life with particular focus on children, will inevitably suffer. However, this predicament, or "either-or" approach is not presented to men. It is naturally assumed that men can have it all, because they do not have biological clock...
17/10/2014 12:07 BST