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Toby Hazlewood

Toby Hazlewood is a writer, parent and husband who is driven to help others thrive in parenting, divorce, entrepreneurship and in tackling the daily challenges that many face.

Toby Hazlewood is an author, parent, husband, project manager and in his spare time, cycling enthusiast. He is passionate about helping others to overcome the challenges and enjoy the successes that he has, by sharing the things he's learned and the tools, tactics and strategies that have proved effective. As founder of the Divorced Lifestyle Design movement, he encourages, helps and guides those who are divorcing or separating to thrive, not just survive in the process. Further information can be found at A similar philosophy underpins the Kintsugi Life movement ( which helps others to approach times of adversity as opportunities for growth, learning and developing strength to live a better and more fulfilled life.