Tom Butler Bowdon

Author of "50 Politics Classics"

Tom is a graduate of the London School of Economics (MSc Politics of the World Economy) and the University of Sydney (BA Hons Government & History). He left his first career in the civil service to write the bestselling 50 Self-Help Classics, the first guide to the personal development literature and winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award (2004).

50 Success Classics (2004); 50 Spiritual Classics (2005); 50 Psychology Classics (2007); 50 Prosperity Classics (2008), 50 Philosophy Classics (2013) and 50 Politics Classics (2015) are all published by Nicholas Brealey. With its commentaries on over 350 books, the series has been published in 25 languages and is sold in over 30 countries. Tom has been described by USA Today as “a true scholar of this type of literature”.

Tom has also provided critical introductions to self-development and prosperity classics including Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Machiavelli's The Prince and Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations through the Capstone Classics series published by John Wiley & Sons (Europe).

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Four Great Politics Books You've Probably Never Heard

Four Great Politics Books You've Probably Never Heard Of

Perhaps you've enjoyed George Orwell's <em>Animal Farm</em> or Nelson Mandela's <em>Long Walk To Freedom</em>. Maybe you've even tackled Plato's <em>The Republic</em> or Thoreau's <em>Civil Disobedience</em>. Here are some other hugely important, but lesser known, political classics.
10/07/2015 11:28 BST
The Real Reasons For Churchill's

The Real Reasons For Churchill's Success

Churchill's ability to capture the public imagination, his capacity to put the Hitler offensive into a grand historical perspective, and his qualities as a seer, each had something to do with his being, at heart, a writer. Yet ultimately it was his deep knowledge of Britain's military capacities, both its strengths and weaknesses, that informed the strategies which proved decisive in the war.
25/06/2015 11:57 BST
Sartre on Love, Sexual Desire and

Sartre on Love, Sexual Desire and Relationships

Jean-Paul Sartre's masterpiece <em>Being and Nothingness</em> (1943) made him one of the great modern philosophers of freedom. Though long and very difficult to read, his purpose was to drill down to find the heart of our being.
27/03/2013 17:11 GMT
Life Isn't Short: What it Means For Your

Life Isn't Short: What it Means For Your Success

Life may sometimes feel short at a philosophical level, and there is always the chance we may die young. But for most people in well-off countries today, life is not, as the 17th-century political philosopher Thomas Hobbes famously put it, 'solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short'.
19/03/2012 16:32 GMT
The Power of Thinking

The Power of Thinking Long

Books with titles like <em>Change Your Life in 7 Days</em>, while superficially attractive, have nothing to do with the reality of building success through the years and decades. While it feels great to be inspired by a book or a motivational seminar, these pumped-up moments tell us nothing about how we bring desired things into being across a lifetime.
01/03/2012 22:49 GMT
Before They Were

Before They Were Famous

Perhaps it's obvious, but it's also so easy to forget: never get too discouraged by the apparent gap between what you believe you are capable of, and what it seems you are right now.
22/07/2011 22:48 BST
Does Motivation Really

Does Motivation Really Work?

The personal growth industry is built on the idea that we can get fired up by a walk-on-coals weekend seminar or a new book and then radically change our life. Most of us have been 'motivated' in this way, and I'm not saying it's bad. But what tends to happen? A couple of weeks after the big epiphany we go back to our normal selves and the life we had before.
04/07/2011 14:48 BST