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Tom Dale

Seasoned travel professional with a passion for craft beer

Tom has 15 years experience in the travel industry, working on purchasing and procurement of hotels in the Americas for British and Middle Eastern travel companies. He is also a part time brewer and craft beer fan so his blog,, combines these 2 of his life passions: travel and beer. Discover little known breweries, bars and beers as well as some inspiration for your next trip, be that somewhere in the UK or perhaps further afield because, after all, the Seeksbeer mantra is: people and places with beer are people and places worth visiting. Blog: Instagram / Twitter / Untappd: @seeksbeer

Visiting Verona

My father-in-law is a devout opera fan so, when we were thinking of 70th birthday presents, a long weekend in Verona floated to the top of the list. The ancient city's association with the arts draws visitors in droves, most of whom come to see the legendary Juliet House, complete with that very balcony from which she famously called to her lover, Romeo.
23/08/2017 16:41 BST
Spring: The Season For A

Spring: The Season For A Saison

Ahhh, the first proper weekend of springtime. I could feel the sigh of relief from across the country yesterday when we not only got some blue sky but a warming sun as well. And on a Saturday too! Blossom on the trees, lawnmowers in the distance and everyone clock watching to see when they can open a beer. Yes ladies and gentlemen: the British winter is officially over.
27/03/2017 14:41 BST
My Berlin

My Berlin Kneipe

Most of us have heard about Berlin's legendary nightlife. Walking through this soggy city I feel like its reputation precedes it somewhat, and I wonder if every dour building under the grey and overcast sky might contain some weird and whacky alcohol-fuelled dungeon. I'm sure there are plenty of other bloggers out there who will dive into that scene far more deeply than I have time for.
22/03/2017 12:12 GMT