Tom Maddocks

Course Director at Media Training Associates and former Money Programme BBC TV reporter

Tom Maddocks is a former TV and radio journalist and presenter.  He was a reporter on BBC2’s The Money Programme for several years, as well as working on Channel 4 TV, and Radios 4 and 5 live.
A few years ago he set up Media Training Associates, which through intensive coaching sessions helps people to get the most out of media interviews and presentations.  He has worked with everyone from senior bankers and large corporations to film actors and musicians.
More recently Tom did his best to put down everything he has gleaned about the subject over the years in his book The M-Factor - media confidence for business leaders and managers’, but he still says there is no substitute for practice to get it right when you are interviewed on radio or television.
When Tom is not working he is often to be found walking in the Lake District, or at least dreaming about it.
In The Media, Trust Will Prevail - Or Have the Rules Really

In The Media, Trust Will Prevail - Or Have the Rules Really Changed?

One of the most extraordinary of many memorable events of the first few days of President Trump has been the escalation, rather than the diminution, of his battle with the media. These confrontations may be taking place in Washington and may appear so ludicrous that it is tempting to ignore them. But there are key implications for anyone who is contact with the press and TV in the UK, as well as on the other side of the Atlantic.
27/01/2017 11:26 GMT
British Bosses Should Fear Their 'Credibility Gulf' With the

British Bosses Should Fear Their 'Credibility Gulf' With the Public

Bosses need to work harder at learning to 'speak human,' sounding like real people who are dealing with the issues in a realistic way, being more honest about the problems they face, instead of simply repeating a series of 'key messages' in interviews while avoiding the tough questions.
21/06/2016 11:12 BST
Communications Breakdown at Britain's

Communications Breakdown at Britain's Banks

It's been a dreadful month for HSBC, which has seen its reputation in tatters and its bosses dragged in front of the Commons Treasury Select Committee to answer MPs' questions about what it admitted were 'unacceptable' practices at its Swiss private bank.
26/02/2015 14:57 GMT
How to Get Out of a Hole in a Live TV

How to Get Out of a Hole in a Live TV Interview

If you are the one in the spotlight, whatever the topic, don't just be reactive - think hard about what you really want to get across, and do your best to anticipate any awkward questions, so you are not caught on the hop.
11/02/2015 08:49 GMT