Tom Meagher



When We Use the Abuser's Voice

At times, voices come back claiming that violence against women is in no way tolerated by most of our society, and some claim (perhaps condescendingly) that I am a victim of my own tragic loss, that I may be more prone to see violence where there is none, because my life has been shattered by it, after the violent death of my wife.
30/10/2015 08:28 GMT

Garden Variety Creepiness - Romantic Heroes or Abusive Men

n <em>Fifty Shades</em>, we see the egregious result of every Hollywood 'ending as beginning' in a way that still lionises the abuser. Hollywood's classic arc is to portray a controlling man only up to the point where he 'gets' the girl.
01/03/2015 22:18 GMT

The Monster Myth: What I Learned From Seeing My Wife's Killer in Court

I had formed an image that this man was not human, that he existed as a singular force of pure evil who somehow emerged from the ether. Something about his ability to weave together nouns, verbs and pronouns to form real, intelligible sentences forced a refocus, one that required a look at the spectrum of men's violence against women.
06/05/2014 18:27 BST