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Tom Harvey

Writer, Producer, rider of bikes and buses.

Tom is a creative entrepreneur, producer and writer, with three decades of experience in film, television, interactive media and theatre. Both in the commercial world and working closely with the public sector. Tom was founder and CEO of SohoCreate the festival covering creative process set in Soho, London. Tom is a past BAFTA winner and was awarded an MBE for services to the creative industries in 2012. Tom is a Clore Leadership Fellow and graduate of Harvard Business School’s short course in Private Equity and Venture Capital. Tom has served on the Advisory Board for IPPR North, the Board of Culture North East and the management board of music accelerator Generator. He is currently Chair of the Advisory Board for Haven London a mental health charity and a Trustee of the Hospital Club Foundation.
How to Be

How to Be Creative

Our challenge is that if our work isn't seen, we don't feel creative. Is a performed play any better than an unperformed play? A film unseen any worse than one seen. Well it might be, but the play is still a play, the film a film, the novel and novel, the song a song, even if it is not witnessed. A creative act has still taken place.
17/06/2016 16:43 BST
Creativity Tilts the

Creativity Tilts the World

Creative people and companies graft away with air and ideas and invent completely new experiences everyday. New products, new plays, new songs, films, commercials, shoes, clothes, buildings, new paintings and new games.
02/06/2016 15:14 BST
Protect Soho from a Wrecking Ball

Protect Soho from a Wrecking Ball Culture

Everywhere we turn there are now ghastly wooden hoardings hiding muddy open cast mines digging deep under Soho or ripped plastic flapping in the wind half attached to steel scaffolding holding up a beautiful façade and nothing else.
12/02/2016 17:57 GMT
The Creative Future of Soho - Manifesto for

The Creative Future of Soho - Manifesto for Growth

London is at a crucial point in decisions on where it wants its creative industries to be. Soho is a brilliant example of a world class cluster, and how it solves the challenges it now faces will form a roadmap for other cities.
09/11/2015 13:23 GMT
The Battle to Keep London

The Battle to Keep London Creative

Recent figures released by Westminster City Council in London show the terrifying rate that small office space is being lost to high end residential conversions. This is particularly challenging in London's Soho, long the birth place and home to so many of the country's great creative companies and performers.
25/01/2015 18:33 GMT
How To Save London's

How To Save London's Soho

Soho is to some extent, a myth itself. As Ian Board of the long departed (and much mourned) Colony Rooms said of Soho "It isn't what it used to be, but it never was what it was." Soho's seedy, sexy, taboo and often violent history makes it a great place to get nostalgic about. For many, Soho is hardwired into memories of their youth, the clubs, the all night drinking, the sex workers.
11/12/2014 17:02 GMT
Rumours of the Death of London's Soho Have Been

Rumours of the Death of London's Soho Have Been Exaggerated

JoJo's is wending it's way into the memories of Soho just as the likes of Blitz, Gossips, Billy's and the Wag Club have done before it... There is not a conspiracy to destroy Soho, there is instead a powerful belief in its endearing greatness and a desire to build on that and keep it exciting, edgy and relevant.
04/12/2014 21:10 GMT
Five Reasons UK Creativity Is

Five Reasons UK Creativity Is Vital

For all of us, the small ways we are creative everyday are a far more important part of our life than we think. The houses we live in, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the entertainment we consume, these are all creative decisions we make ourselves, they reflect our taste, our own creativity.
08/05/2014 14:44 BST
Plays v

Plays v Film

Writing a film is like swimming the Channel, it needs training and preparation, a support team and the right weather and currents, all aligned on the right maps and charts.
26/03/2014 16:18 GMT


As a country, our creativity is our strongest card. Witness the number of contracts and awards we win around the world, our architecture, film, television, theatre, fine art, games, music and advertising punches far above its weight, we are a tiny island, but a huge creative force.
06/03/2014 12:27 GMT

About Soho

From the early Huguenot crafts people to the celluloid film industry to today's global successes in digital effects, fashion, music and theatre, Soho remains an extraordinary place to live and work. If you're at all creative, then it's probably the best place to work in the world.
27/02/2014 12:17 GMT