Tony Clarke

Green, left wing political activist, 1 previous owner, reasonable condition considering age, high mileage, built for comfort not speed, bodywork needs attention

Tony was Born in Northampton, and lives in the town with his wife and two children. Leaving school at 15 he began a career which started as roofer. He has also been a tree feller, dry stone waller, training and personnel manager, a social work lecturer, spent 14 yrs working for the County Council, 12 yrs as a member of the Borough Council, 4 years as a County Cllr and 8 yrs as MP for Northampton S. In Parliament he was renowned for his independent views. He was also a Special Constable with Northamptonshire Police and was General Manager and a Director of Northampton Town Football Club for over 10years, A former Independent County and Borough Councillor for Castle Ward Tony is a now a proud member of the Green Party. Tony mixes his local community work with international activity, a former Chair of the Northern Ireland Select Committee, Tony represented the Government, working with parliaments, paramilitaries and suspected terrorists in Northern Ireland, Palestine/Middle East, Albania and South Africa specialising on conflict resolution and election monitoring.