Tony Fish

Investor, Author, Entrepreneur and Maverick

Tony is an executive board director with over 25 years of experience in innovation and high growth. His professional life has cut across a diverse range of sectors including venture capital, health, telecoms, finance, media, sport, manufacturing, government and digital fabrication. Tony has founded, co-founded, sold and listed many businesses but remains passionate about highly disruptive technology which has the capability of scaling fast and is at an early stage. He brings professional working knowledge and experience of raising funding as a founder and advisor, funding growth companies as a partner and general partner of funds and representing corporates in M&A transactions. Whilst his style is based on deep involvement, clear decision making, robust financials, fast iteration, trust, transparency and strong open governance controls; he brings innovation, entrepreneurship, energy, enthusiasm and transformation skills. In addition to speaking at over 200 events and conferences on innovation, entrepreneurship, digital trends and early stage growth, he has authored and published three books. He is a visiting Fellow at Henley Business School for entrepreneurship and innovation, EIR at Bradford School of Management and Law and an EC expert for Big Data.