Trina Rea

Contributing Columnist, Author and TV Producer

Trina Rea's blog ‘Life would be perfect if…’ aims to capture the dilemmas, dreams and daily dramas in women’s lives. Written with a wry, humorous honesty, this confessional style blog is self-deprecating and fun, and will leave the readers smiling.
What I Learned From Watching 40 Hours Of Reality

What I Learned From Watching 40 Hours Of Reality TV

On one reality show I watched an obese woman as she stood before hundreds of thousands of TV viewers, wearing nothing but tight spandex shorts and a sports bra, while she was weighed. I thought to myself - now that's bravery. She wanted to achieve weight loss so she'd be healthier and to ensure she would be around to see her children grow up.
21/05/2017 20:31 BST
Is Your Waiter a

Is Your Waiter a Thief?

A night in a five star hotel in New York followed by a day of frantic shopping in <em>Macys, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co, FAO Schwarz</em>, then two first class tickets to Barbados. If you could sum up my dream weekend trip this would be it... except, I'm not in Barbados, I'm in Ireland and the only shopping I did this week was for two bumper packs of nappies in Tesco.
08/01/2013 16:07 GMT