Troy Seidle

Director of Research and Toxicology at Humane Society International

Troy Seidle is Director of Research and Toxicology at Humane Society International, one of the world's largest and most effective organisations working to replace the use of animals in research and testing. HSI's team of science experts - The Humane Scientists - come from backgrounds in neurology, biomedicine, toxicology and 21st century non-animal research.

January Is 'Love Your Liver' Month

Now that the holiday excesses are over, are you thinking about your liver? Worried about your alcohol consumption or maybe feeling bad about all those mince pies (you know, the rich fruit pies that the Brits are so keen on)? Your liver is an incredibly complex organ made up of many different cell types working together - and it plays an important role in your well-being.
16/01/2017 12:31 GMT

Science In Transit; The Move Away From Animals In Research

The inescapable truth is that attempting to model human diseases in non-human animals will always be problematic, and can delay progress in finding much-needed cures. And most importantly, these proposals miss the opportunity to stop throwing good resources after the bad, to focus on a transition away from the failing animal models and toward a future of effective cures.
16/12/2016 09:32 GMT