Veronique Mistiaen

Freelance Journalist and Media Trainer

Veronique Mistiaen is an award-winning journalist and Pulitzer Prize nominee, who has worked as an editor, foreign correspondent and reporter in the UK and the US over the past 25 years. She covers human rights, social issues, global development and the environment - and has been published extensively in national and international media, including in the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Economist, Newsweek, BBC News, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Le Monde, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, the Caravan and many more. Reporting from across the developing world, she often focuses on communities and people struggling to adapt to changing and difficult circumstances, telling their stories of survival, resistance, environmental activism and economic empowerment. She is also a university lecturer and runs training in the UK and internationally on constructive journalism and reporting diversity in conflict areas. She is bilingual English/French. She blogs at