Victoria Casebourne

Taming a busy world one day at a time so there's more time for dreaming. Creative biz owner for 16yrs, mum for 5yrs and PND warrior for life. Come and connect over at:

Hi, I am Victoria and have been chasing dreams outside of the box for over 16 years with my own creative business "The Keepsake Co" and I have been a mum in business for just 5 of those.

When you are a Mum the demand on your time, your energy and your soul is immense and yet here we are trying to please everyone and dismissing the whispers in our heart as selfish and greedy.

It is no wonder that so many of us struggle with PND.. even though we hide it so well that even out closest friends would be totally unaware.

I want to firstly help to lift the lid a little and show that there is nothing wrong with you and with a little love and light you can heal yourself as I have. I also want to encourage you to get dreaming again.. like you did before taking on a whole new identity as a Mother. That is is safe to dream (and take action) and that by doing so you are not being selfish but inspiring your family to live a life far bigger than they may have felt safe to do otherwise.

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