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Wasim Mahmood

Freelance Writer

Wasim is a freelance writer with a keen interest in current affairs and sport. A politics & philosophy graduate from the University of Glasgow.
Ronaldo: The Debate Ends

Ronaldo: The Debate Ends Here

Having mastered every challenge his sport has placed before him, Ronaldo no longer competes with his peers but has transcended to higher plane to seek measure against the likes of Ali, Nicklaus, Federer, Phelps and Bolt, to name but a few. For in Ronaldo there is no doubt he deserves his place among such stellar company.
14/01/2015 17:18 GMT
The Rise and Rise of the

The Rise and Rise of the SNP

If the end of the referendum on Scottish independence was expected to bring a sense of closure and the resumption of normal service, the outcome has thrown up more questions than it has put to rest...
17/11/2014 16:57 GMT
This Is Our Time, This Is Our

This Is Our Time, This Is Our Moment

Against this backdrop, this referendum is not a motion in the popularity of the SNP, nor about what big businesses may or may not do after Independence. Instead, it is a referendum is about you, the individual and your worth to Scotland.
15/09/2014 09:53 BST
Glasgow 2014 - We Did It Our

Glasgow 2014 - We Did It Our Way

With sell-out crowds, a smooth operation and the absence of any notable hiccup, organisers deserve applause for delivering a near flawless spectacle... No sooner had the closing ceremony started that it became clear Glasgow had breathed new life into what was considered an ailing event.
04/08/2014 12:12 BST
So Long

So Long Brazil

This German side imbued the perfect mix of grace, solidity and resolve. Owing to a conveyor belt of talent, they now possess the most gifted players in the world... The idea of Brazil as the home of the beautiful game is a myth and one that deserves to be challenged for it lacks the supporting evidence.
15/07/2014 09:46 BST
Let Glasgow

Let Glasgow Flourish

If you are undecided or find yourself wavering in your decision to vote Yes, pause, step back and take a clear-headed look at what more the Union could possibly offer. One glance at the political, social and economic landscape before you is evidence enough that it is time to take a different course.
25/06/2014 16:47 BST