Will Self

Will Self is a novelist, journalist and RAPt supporter

Will Self is a novelist and journalist and lives in Stockwell, London. He is a long-time supporter of the Rehabilitation of Addicted Prisoners Trust (RAPt).
Breaking the Kafkaesque Cycle of

Breaking the Kafkaesque Cycle of Addiction

You don't need to have suffered from addictive illness (although it undoubtedly helps) to understand that abstinence-based recovery is the only method that really works - in the sense of bringing the individual completely face-to-face with the underlying psychological problems that cause him or her to use drugs and alcohol in the first place. Nor do you need to be an addict (although, once again, in indisputably helps), to know that the current Kafkaesque condition of our prisons is a direct result of addiction treatments that are really nothing of the sort.
02/05/2013 17:54 BST