William Kløverød Griffiths

Health policy officer for the think tank ResPublica.

I write about health, social care and mental health. I work for the think tank ResPublica.

Social Care in Limbo

There is a strange predictability to news in the social care sector. First, the Care Quality Commission, or some other reputable body, publishes figures that show the black hole in social care finances is increasing. Then the government reheats one of its tired ideas and attempts to put a glossy new spin on it. This routine is then repeated ad nauseam.
15/12/2016 16:19 GMT

We Love The NHS So Much It's Killing Us

We need to talk about not only the NHS, but also the language we use about the NHS. Criticising the NHS is too often conflated with criticising the staff who do a marvellous job for the NHS. They are doing fantastic things, but it's often in spite of rather than because of the structure in which they work. Criticising the NHS is not to criticise the doctor who saved your mother's life or the value of modern medicine.
29/11/2016 16:52 GMT

Widespread Inequality Is At The Root Of The UK's Mental Health Crisis

Setting out her One Nation agenda and making a clear break from the past, Theresa May used her first speech as Prime Minister to highlight the need to tackle social injustice. This rhetoric is welcome; but we must also be clear it can never translate into reality if the alarming situation in mental health is not resolved.
17/10/2016 15:57 BST

For Too Long We Have Had a System That Fails to Pre-empt Illness

For too long we have had a system that reacts to, but fails to pre-empt illness and ill-health; a system that responds, but does not prevent. In order to build a truly 'one nation' legacy Theresa May will need to develop policy that recognises that many of the wider causes of ill health lie upstream of the health and social care systems, not only addressing those with acute need, but preventing people needing that help in the first place.
03/08/2016 11:14 BST