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Xenios Thrasyvoulou

Founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour

Xenios started out as an engineer working for a FTSE 100 company. Within six months he realised he was allergic to the bureaucracy of large corporations and at the age of 23 he began creating a service that allowed time-starved individuals to outsource work to multi-skilled individuals on a ‘per hour’ basis. Three years later PeoplePerHour was born. Responsible for the overall vision and direction of PeoplePerHour, Xenios’ passion for product, relentless pursuit of innovation and deep obsession for customer service and user experience are the defining points of the company’s culture and ethos. Xenios holds an MA/MEng from Cambridge University and attended executive education at Harvard Business School.
The World's Top Destinations Ranked For UK Remote Workers Looking To Live The Dream

The World's Top Destinations Ranked For UK Remote Workers Looking To Live The Dream Abroad

I've been talking a lot recently, along with everyone else, about the rise of the digital nomad. The ability to earn a living doing what you love while travelling, is such an alluring prospect that it's hardly surprising that so many people are now taking advantage of the opportunities that the combination of modern technologies and freelance working bring.
26/09/2017 14:50 BST
Six Secrets to Scaling

Six Secrets to Scaling Up

Scaling - the annual growth of plus twenty percent - might be a dream for many small businesses, but it is an achievable one. The key is to work sensibly, practically, and methodically, without letting extraneous variables take control.
20/06/2016 11:29 BST
Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business

We've looked before at the benefits of becoming your own boss, and it's clear why the prospect of starting your own business might appeal. But amongst all the excitement and the ponderings about why, where and how you could start a business, there is one question that many people over look: should you?
24/05/2016 15:17 BST
Productivity Do's and Don'ts for

Productivity Do's and Don'ts for 2016

Ah, productivity. It's both the watch-word and the nemesis of every business person. Finding ways to make the most of every day can be a productivity drain in and of itself, so to save you the time, we've pulled together some of the top tips from the PeoplePerHour office.
31/03/2016 11:23 BST
Perfect Productivity - 5 Tips for Start-Up

Perfect Productivity - 5 Tips for Start-Up Success

As your business grows, you'll find your own ways of working, but these are some of the things that I've found useful in my own career. I'm doing well - but there's always so much more to learn!
30/09/2015 15:23 BST
Entrepreneur vs Business Owner - Which One Are

Entrepreneur vs Business Owner - Which One Are You?

Everyone likes to call themselves an entrepreneur, but is there really truth in it? There's a big difference between someone who shows entrepreneurial skills such as innovation, creativity and competitive acumen and the guy who runs a successful car dealership franchise. Both are working for themselves, both want to call themselves entrepreneurs, but are they? Here's how to spot the difference.
25/06/2015 15:48 BST
9 Mistakes All New Entrepreneurs

9 Mistakes All New Entrepreneurs Make

No one is perfect. Yes, even you, budding entrepreneur! Because even though your idea may be perfect, and you're undoubtedly the best person to develop it, that doesn't make you bulletproof. So before you get going, consider these 9 mistakes all entrepreneurs make when they're starting out.
01/05/2015 11:01 BST
How Do You Bring Ideas to

How Do You Bring Ideas to Life?

Being an innovator is terrifying. You're only as good as the next great idea and, if you're an entrepreneur, you'll have that inbuilt expectation and belief that that idea will be your own. But how to go from concept to outcome?
09/04/2015 16:29 BST
How to Hire the Best - Your Guide to Finding Top

How to Hire the Best - Your Guide to Finding Top Talent

We're always told to delegate wisely - it's the sign of success - so take it to the modern platforms and flourish by using freelancers who live, breathe and love their niches. It's a win-win relationship, with no commitment required.
25/03/2015 16:55 GMT
When Did Everyone Become an

When Did Everyone Become an Expert?

Freelancing/contracting used to be reserved for the very best in the field, but with online platforms and sleek looking websites fooling us all in to thinking that any start-up can be specialist, I'm starting to see the market saturated with novices. Begging the question - When did everyone become an expert?
10/03/2015 00:36 GMT

Freelancing FAQ's

Quit your job. Do it immediately. I call it getting "the fear".
04/02/2015 12:36 GMT
Five Freelancing Faux

Five Freelancing Faux Pas

Self-discipline is a common problem for freelancers. Whether you're checking social media or getting distracted by your cat, it's easy to stray from your work without a boss breathing down your neck, which causes all sort of problems.
27/01/2015 14:03 GMT
Eight Steps to a Successful

Eight Steps to a Successful Business

Starting a business can be daunting. Revision - Starting a business is daunting, terrifying, exhilarating, infuriating and the best thing I've ever done. But it's never smooth sailing, and newcomers need to know that a great idea does not make a great business.
09/12/2014 12:45 GMT
To Get Up, You Need to Be Knocked

To Get Up, You Need to Be Knocked Down

There are no certainties in an entrepreneur's path, apart from one: you are bound to have a roller coaster ride. No matter how successful you end up being. It's never a straight line to success or failure
21/11/2014 15:12 GMT
Do Remote Workforces Really

Do Remote Workforces Really Work?

The benefits of outsourcing are impossible to argue with, but before you rush off and throw those tasks out there, know that implementing a workforce built up largely of remote workers does have its pros and cons, and you need to know how to manage them.
01/10/2014 15:27 BST
The Make-Up for

The Make-Up for Entrepreneurs

One question I have always been fascinated by is what drives people to greatness? What compels certain people to take risk while others take comfort in security and complacency? The easy answer is: money. But is it?
22/09/2014 10:47 BST