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Yazmin Joy Vigus

Writer, blogger and performer

Yazmin is a London based writer, blogger and performer. Her work has featured on New York's Elite Daily, LA's HelloGiggles and she is a regular columnist for Amor Magazine UK. She runs and manages, a collective blog which promotes positive thinking whilst tackling real life conundrums concerning love, life and society.

The Conundrum of 'You Complete Me'

Leaning on another person so much that you can't function without them isn't love, it's reliance, it's dependence, it makes love a necessity when it should be a choice. Love should always be a choice. A choice of actions, a choice of words, a choice of commitment.
26/03/2015 14:31 GMT

10 Ways to Find Joy in the Every Day

Start the day by declaring words that affirm and empower you. <em>I am loved. I am wealthy. I am beautiful. I am smart. I am prosperous. I am healthy. </em>Feeding yourself positive affirmations aligns your mind with your desires and sets you up for the day.
05/01/2015 13:51 GMT

I'm Not Angry, I Just Have a Bitchy Face

I know, I know, I should rise above this kind of tattle and subvert my energy towards more pressing matters like how scientists can cure travel sickness, but this one comment really got my goat and quite frankly ruined my journey. In fact, I spent the entire day thinking about it - stewing over it - trying to come up with a good comeback.
24/10/2014 14:31 BST

Is London's Sexism Problem Getting Worse?

'Yo yo - This cute girl walks by,' I am half listening as I check my emails on my phone on an ordinary weekday afternoon in Camden, when I realise the rapper busking on the street corner is talking about me.
15/10/2014 16:32 BST

A Different Kinda Single: The Healthy vs. the Unhealthy Single

Did you know there are two types of single people in the world? Yup, some people wear single life better than others, but what distinguishes those who rock singles-ville and others who drown in pudding pots? I'll tell you - it's all in the attitude...
07/10/2014 17:26 BST