Yvonne Ossei

Actress, Scriptwriter and Journalist

Yvonne Ossei initially trained at Questors Theatre School and then in BA Acting at East 15 Acting School. She has experience in short film, theatre and voice over for animation. She has written a play based on the illegal practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and received support from a number of key agencies including the NHS and Project Azure.

She enjoys creative writing and presently studies English at a London university. She has written a number of short stories and films, one of which is currently in production to be filmed in 2013.

Yvonne has been involved in broadcast journalism as a producer and presenter of an entertainment show at Meridian Radio.

She is also a blogger and provides her interpretations of socio-political issues on www.musingsofyvonne.com

'Face Up'- Female Genital Mutilation Play Debuts at Channel 4

After the performance, I was the first one to clap because everybody else seemed to be frozen. Sitting at the front it was hard to gauge how people in the audience were feeling. Could they cheer...? Perhaps after a delayed period of time. Could they laugh...? Not in this scene.
09/09/2013 12:08 BST

Can Kate Middleton and Prince Harry Have It All?

Following the events of the recent weeks (Prince Harry's naked pictures in a Vegas hotel and Kate Middleton's topless pictures on holiday) some may be wondering whether it is possible for the royals to have it all. They have the titles, popularity and money, but it appears that they also want to live their lives like everyone else.
19/09/2012 10:00 BST

Female Genital Mutilation: A Crime Against Women

A seven-year-old girl is screaming hysterically in a secluded room. She has just had her clitoris cut off, her vagina sewn together and the surrounding areas of her genitalia burnt with corrosives. Her legs have been tied together and for months she will not be able to walk.
26/08/2012 20:22 BST