Zack Cahill

Personal trainer and the director of Aegis Training

Zack Cahill is a personal trainer and writer based in London. He is the director of Aegis Training, a private personal training studio which has been named one of the top ten gyms in the City of London by Timeout magazine for the past four years.

Zack is a frequent contributor to various health and lifestyle magazines and blogs regularly.

He is fond of good coffee and moderately expensive red wine, and hopes to one day realise his dream of using the word existential in a sentence.

Should Kellogg's Frosties Have Less Sugar?

We give companies the ability to advertise harmful foods to children in a misleading way. We make healthier food more expensive and harder to come by. We create living environments not conducive to active lives. We then chastise the obese for not exercising their personal choice as if they made that choice in a vacuum.
25/02/2013 15:40 GMT

How to Be Smarter

Socrates and Plato were not just brilliant minds and orators, but also great athletes and soldiers. Leonardo Da Vinci was probably the most diversely talented human ever, excelling at painting, sculpting , architecture , mathematics , anatomy and more. He could probably even dance and cook, the bastard.
21/11/2012 15:18 GMT

Lance Armstrong - The Danger Of Having Heroes

I don't care about the Lance Armstrong doping scandal. I don't mean to diminish the man at all, if he were a friend I'd be upset for him. Nor am I about to segue into a rant about the insignificance of the issue in comparison to the starving children in Africa or some other social injustice, because I can't honestly claim to spend much time thinking about that day to day either.
15/10/2012 15:15 BST

Healthy Addiction?

If your body is restricting you from doing the things you want to do, then being fitter will make you happy. Where it becomes unhealthy, in my view, is when we begin to tell ourselves things like "when I weigh x amount I'll be happy".
28/09/2012 16:51 BST

Booze and Biceps

Pictures of Usain Bolt celebrating his Olympic success by partying in East London brought to mind some questions about alcohol's effects on exercise. Obviously, Bolt didn't indulge until he'd addressed the small matter of Olympic domination... So what's the final word on alcohol and exercise?
03/09/2012 18:10 BST