Zrinka Bralo

CEO, Migrants Organise

Zrinka Bralo is CEO of Migrants Organise - community organising platform where immigrants build power, develop common ground, connect, speak out and act for justice. A refugee from Sarajevo, she is a founder of Women on the Move Awards that celebrates achievement of migrant and refugee women at the WoW Festival Zrinka is the winner of the 2011 Voices of Courage Award and 2014 Churchill Fellow.
The Speaker's Corner: Romania's

The Speaker's Corner: Romania's BFF

The Speaker was within his parliamentary and moral right to speak and make the comments he made and in the context he made them. We should praise his courage and leadership in being truthful about issues that are unpopular.
07/06/2013 15:49 BST
What Mary Did Next? Shut Down Abusive

What Mary Did Next? Shut Down Abusive Trolls

Being an academic and a broadcaster, Professor Beard came to <em>Question Time</em> <a href="http://timesonline.typepad.com/dons_life/2013/01/is-my-name-a-real-laugh-question-time-feedback.html" target="_hplink">well prepared</a>: she actually read the <a href="http://www2.bostontoday.co.uk/bost/docs/population-change.docx" target="_hplink">local authority report </a>about the impact of migration.
29/01/2013 12:03 GMT