15/05/2015 06:25 BST | Updated 13/05/2016 06:59 BST

Why Politics Will Always Be Deemed More Important Than Any Human Cost

The Conservative government, whether as an individual you voted for it or not, was a majority, a clean shove for the Torys back into power - without the dilution we got from the Lib Dems - which in itself, caused a huge amount of fear and upset for a lot of people - specifically those who aren't well off financially.

It's the opinion of many that our economy will be safer in the hands of the Conservatives, and that, I do struggle to disagree with. The only argument here, is that the government will undoubtedly have to cut and cut and cut in order to take from the people and pay off our debts in order to regain economic stability.

The sad, realistic truth, is that throughout history, politics comes with a huge human cost and always will do. In order for these debts to be paid, the country must face cuts. Simple. The fear of many, is that under the Conservatives, these cuts may be taken from the NHS which would of course be an absolute travesty. The UK may have essentially voted in a party who could by all means, suggest that only the rich can afford to survive cancer, only the rich can have abortions - the latter of course leading to higher teenage pregnancy statistics and combined with the inevitable, promised welfare reforms, a huge rise in child poverty and the use of food banks.

There may be positives to come from a Conservative government, of course that is depending on your own personal priorities and preferences. However, there's one policy which will raise the blood pressure of the nation; the possible revoke of the fox hunting ban. As a passionate animal lover and all round normal human being, lacking in murderous tendencies, my blood boils at the idea of this ban being revoked in the name of blood sport. On one hand, we have farmers and land owners complaining about the devastating losses to the animals they keep and the general pesky nature of foxes. People aren't naive enough to disagree with this, however, for blood-thirsty, ignorant Conservatives to argue that this form of hunting is for the best for anyone, is in one word, incredulous.

There are so, so many ways to solve the 'fox problem' without resorting to having one tiny, innocent creature - acting as its own nature dictates - chased, running for its life, to the point of exhaustion, before being mauled by a pack of dogs, all just for laughs, or banter or whatever you want to refer to it as. The most surprising part of fox hunting, is that the people who take part, own pets and claim to be animal lovers. How, I ask, can you love one animal and detest another living creature so much as to wish this fate upon it?

Could we not all take one second to think, what if it was our beloved dog, cat (or other pet) being chased, petrified for his life? The thought brings a tear to my eye. Where has human compassion gone? Then again... If we can condemn children, the elderly and the disabled to live in squalor then why are we surprised that the same people are willing to revoke a ban that - I would say - the majority of our 'democracy' feel so passionate about, or at least simply disagree with?

Comedian and actor, Ricky Gervais, who has a huge 7.9 million followers, has recently caused a stir via Twitter by endorsing several animal charities, particular those who are against hunting - specifically fox hunting. Gervais has received a massive amount of support from thousands of followers backing his anti-fox hunting statements. The language used in his posts and posts made by others, which have then been retweeted by Gervais, use particularly passionate language. Does this level of protest at such an early stage of the Conservative government not even hint at the national opinion?

As a side note - What actually happens if you egg parliament? Or Cameron? (Hypothetically, of course!)