10/02/2015 07:20 GMT | Updated 20/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Get Over The Fear Of 'Getting It Wrong' And DO IT!


Years ago I was splitting up from my boyfriend at the time, when he lay down a curse 'one day you will regret leaving me'. A cold chill ran down my spin as he said it, because the truth is he may well be right. If I didn't build a life for myself better than the life we would have had together, I probably would have regretted it. It was a curse and a challenge, I knew I had to make a better life than the one I was avoiding settling for.

Often we don't make difficult decisions for fear of regret. We don't follow our heart and leap into something before we have investigated the pro's and cons.

Yet when you look back on your life, you might find you regret most the things you didn't do and not the things you did do!

So here are a few prospective shifters to help you get over the 'fear of getting it wrong' which means you might just get to live fully from your excitement and desire:

1 - Trust yourself for one thing, if it goes belly up, you will fix it! The more faith you have in your ability to turn things around if they go wrong, the more you can do and the more you can believe in yourself. Make a list of two hundred things you can trust yourself for. Might take some time. These are small things, such as 'I trust myself to get up in the middle of the night and let the dog out if she needs a wee, with good humour'. Some people are grump bags and would be really annoyed. You might not think this is amazing, but I bet your dog's happier!

2 - To do most things in life you have to rely on other people. Use your intuition to become a good judge of character and act of that intuition even if you fear offending people. In this crazy world it causes more offence to call someone a lier than it is to be one. When you smell a rat, walk away.

3 - A lot of the 'fear of getting it wrong' is about what other people think. When I have lived fearlessly and disregard what other people may think, I found they have liked me more. Think back to the cool kids at school. If someone loves you they want you to be happy, and if someone wants to cast stones at you for being free to live the way you want, you might like to buy them a mirror for Christmas as it always speaks more about their own unhappiness and less about you.

4 - It's sad to say, but you don't have forever. You need to be as happy as you can for the time you have on this beautiful earth. When I look back, somehow I have always had the money for what I needed to do, often by the skin of my teeth! I have never had enough to feel secure and safe, but maybe that's not what its all about. When has safety and really living shared the same bed?

5 - Magic happens. We are bombarded with images and tails of disaster, but whilst your living carefully, your not dancing to the magic of life. I have a thousand stories of chance meetings and opportunities whilst travelling. Of falling in love over and over with strangers. It only stops when you come home, because you stop being curious. When you are curious you can feel the magic of being alive and run in the flow of adventure all the time.

Don't miss out on opportunities for fear of getting it wrong, it going wrong or being seen to be wrong. Sometimes your heart tells you to seize the moment, but we don't listen because it doesn't look good to our logical mind.

As it's close to Valentines day I shall also add this: There are many single people waiting for everything to fit into place perfectly, but every connection you have brings you closer to yourself. Nine times out of ten it's you your missing in your own life, not someone else. That other person may come when your fully able to fearlessly be who you really are. Until then enjoy and find love in all the small places and follow your heart.

I have made a film of various thinkers talking about fear, head to my youtube beckywalshintuition to view.