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Review: Motorola RAZR i

I think the Razr will be a big seller this year. Skinny has always been fashionable.

We've just received Motorola's new smart-phone, the Razr from the lovely PR folks at JCPR. If the Razr name sounds familiar that's because it was the top-selling GSM phone about ten years ago. Motorola have revived the brand, however today's Razr has evolved significantly.

One thing has not changed - it's thin...just like the name suggests. Perhaps not as thin as a razor bit thinner than any other smartphone on the market today. Even though it's screen has 50% more area than an iPhone's it really does not feel bulky.

It's light too - significantly lighter than any other high-end smartphone, in fact you can barely feel it even in a tight pocket. Glass and brushed aluminum, that's so last season. This winter it's all about woven Kevlar titanium composites.

So the hardware is quite remarkable - and I am still amazed at how much hardware they packed into such a tiny case. You'd expect something this thin to have a terrible battery life or abysmal performance, or even an unimpressive screen - actually it's all been good so far.

It does have some faults - My main gripe about the Razr is one that virtually all Android builders are guilty of:

I think Motorola should be confident that they really produced one of the most desirable designs this year. Why complicate it with software that almost nobody will enjoy using (Motoblur). I know that phone-builders feel the need to differentiate their products from the crowd - but look at it? Isn't being the thinnest phone already amazing enough? That's a pretty big differentiation in my book!

Fortunately all the extraneous apps can be switched off and what you are left with is probably the most elegant Android device ever made.

There's no dumbing down or 'pinking and shrinking' in the advertising either, we see an authentic and equal conversation that talks to both men and women alike. On the downside, however, there is no explanation of the core values - no discussion about software or specifications. All in all, it's a very pleasant advert aimed at everyone. Unfortunately, in a day and age where the majority of us understand technology, Motorola have unnecessarily decided to dumb down their advertising to appeal to everyone.

I think the Razr will be a big seller this year. Skinny has always been fashionable.

@belindaparmar is the author of Little Miss Geek and the CEO of Lady Geek and Lady Geek TV @ladygeektv

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