17/12/2012 06:08 GMT | Updated 13/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Oppose Christian Marriage: A Take on the Opposition to Equal Marriage Rights

Right. I'm just going to say it. It's a view that will make me very unpopular but well... I just don't believe Christians should be allowed to marry. That's right, you heard me. I believe marriage is defined as being between one non-Christian man and one non-Christian woman, or another non-Christian man, or between one non-Christian woman and another non-Christian woman. And, I believe it should be kept this way: because the inherently subjective definition of words counts as an ethical argument.

I know that these days (by which I mean the days since the Roman Empire adopted Christianity) it's a very unfashionable view. "Backwards" they'll call me, "prejudiced" they'll shout. But as a strict, practising homosexual I simply cannot condone Christianity and so I certainly cannot accept that a union between two Christians is equivalent to a union between two, loving, committed homosexuals such as myself.

The Christian lifestyle is, according to my belief system, an abomination. My fathers brought me up in a good, agnostic household, and taught me from a young age that subscribing unconditionally to a strict, ancient belief system is wrong. Don't get me wrong, I'm OK with someone performing a baptism on somebody else, provided both baptiser and baptisee are consenting adults. And of course provided it happens behind closed doors in the comfort of their own cathedral. But I think the day our society accepts a union between two people, brought together by this bizarre and frankly, revolting practise, is the day we reach a new level of debasement.

I believe that this is a question of rights. My right to follow my own deeply held beliefs and ethics should be respected. And I happen to believe that Christianity and Christian marriage is wrong. Hence, not only should I not be forced to perform Christian marriages, but it should remain against the law for even those who are willing to perform them to do so. This would be a victory for religious freedom, by which I mean my freedom to prevent people with all other religious viewpoints from doing things I happen to disagree with.

Frankly I just cannot understand why these Christians are so insistent on their right to marry anyway. In case they haven't noticed there's a recession on at the moment, we have bigger things to worry about. Surely everyone knows that the British political system can only deal with one issue at a time, particularly when that issue has already lasted six years. And then whenever I tell them that they should be grateful to have some of the legal protections of marriage in the form of a non-religious 'civil partnership', they look at me like I've said something absurd. The fact that they care so much about the symbolic distinction demonstrates how unreasonable and militant they are. Many of us will remember these militant Christian groups well from our university days: always hosting meetings and public events, pasting pro-Christian propaganda all over campus and dropping pro-Christian literature though people's letter boxes. We kindly let them worship whatever they want in their own homes, so why rub their debauched practises in our faces?

Personally I believe we were wrong to even allow the teaching of Christianity in our schools. Promoting a Christian lifestyle to young children is both damaging and disgusting. Countless studies have shown that exposing children to material that advocates an unquestioning adherence to an intolerant dogma will warp their young minds and make them more likely to blindly follow such dogma themselves. And certainly we shouldn't ever have allowed Christians to adopt. Did you know that Christian parents are literally hundreds of times more likely to have children who also turn out to be Christian? Yet our government has passed legislation which forces good, homosexual adoption agencies to give kids to Christian families, even though we may strongly disagree with their values and lifestyle!

I hope that the anti-Chirstian-marriage movement can gain enough momentum to block Christian marriage once and for all. Together we can prevent this arrogant government imposing its own opinions of marriage upon the rest of us. Specifically its opinion that religious institutions should be free to make up their own minds on whether they marry Christians or not. Who are they to not decide what God thinks? If we expand the institution of marriage it can only lead us down a slippery slope towards things like tolerance and equality. And just imagine what that would be like, apparently half the Conservative party would be out of a job.