05/01/2012 09:10 GMT | Updated 06/03/2012 05:12 GMT


Here is my cartoon in response to Rupert Murdoch joining Twitter, which provoked much divided opinion from the Twitter community.

Maybe some users who didn't approve were in fear that this could be the start of a Twitter transition where hierarchy takes over. If this were to be the case, my prediction is that what was once an egalitarian social network could take a dramatic shift and become dominated by aristocracy, where those at the top of the food chain, like Murdoch, have minions instead of followers.

This could then lead to an extreme capitalist Twitter in which the everyday Twitter account holder must endure hard strenuous labour trends in order to Twitter feed their family/followers. I then foresee the '@' being replaced by the dollar symbol, and maybe the hashtag (#) being replaced by the asterisk (*) - a pompous symbol often used to explain things beyond the understanding of the common man.

Protests will then begin over the controversial debate over why a man who has been working all day is only allowed 150 characters; all hell breaks loose and some entrepreneurs start to ponder new theories to try and overthrow Twitter, such as keeping irrelevant things to yourself altogether. I predict Murdoch's reign of Twitter terror may come to a dramatic climax when his minions begin retweeting others people's direct messages.

By now I realise I've digressed slightly, I think my hypothesis is highly unlikely and maybe, just maybe, this new Twitter account will just be some old coot's occasional ramblings about what he's doing in his leisure time and updates about his fictitious news channel.