27/06/2016 05:04 BST | Updated 27/06/2017 06:12 BST

A Plea to the Parliamentary Labour Party

I don't think I'm only representing myself to you when I say that I've had a pretty grim few days. In common with the significant majority of Labour voters who went to the polls on Thursday I didn't get the result I wanted. Like significant numbers of the people who voted remain I am categorised as 'unhappy' with the result. Unhappy doesn't really do it justice. I am frightened. I am frightened about whether the cost of living will go up so far I can literally no longer afford it. I am frightened at the loss of a wider power holding our Government to account on issues like environment and human rights. I am frightened at the list of people who's view has been endorsed by the electorate. I didn't like the look of the cabinet before. A front bench of Johnson, Gove, Farage and Duncan Smith is genuinely nightmarish to me. What this means is that I feel very dependant on the party I feel most closely represents my interests and my beliefs. You need to speak up for us. And we need to talk about Jeremy.

Let's start by getting a time line sorted here. We started with a mass of people joining the party, one way or another, and I think we can agree voting for Jeremy Corbyn was the inducement that brought many, including me, to the table. Here was a many talking not about 'centre right' or 'business friendly' but 'rail nationalisation' and 'living wage'. We voted that guy in because of those things. Too many of you lot have devoted yourself to attacking and undermining your own leader. I realise that plenty of commentators pointed out that a serial rebel Jeremy wasn't entitled to expect much loyalty. Maybe he wasn't, but we were.

That's the point really, it's not even about JC. It's about the fact that the party does not belong to it's MPs but to it's members. You can argue that you have a duty to guide us towards and electable party and that you don't feel Jeremy offers us that. Fair enough but we listened to that and we chose him anyway. What you should then have done is respected our decision, supported our choice of leader and done your best to make it work. We told you what we wanted. Some of this is stuff we needed.

It's not ideology it's simple necessity. You ignored it. This is your failure.

As you are busying yourselves responded to a divided nation by jockeying for party position (oh yes you are) I don't know what will happen next. I don't even know what I want to happen next. One way or another we need a leader who we have chosen and you have accepted. This is nothing less than a demand that you do that. The party we voted for when we elected Jeremy Corbyn was the one we wanted, and need, back then. It's the same one we want and need now. Hand it over.